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  • How can I determine my lot number?
    There are two ways.  First, your lot number is displayed on your homeowners association due invoice.  Second, here is a map of the development showing lot numbers.  You can zoom in to see specific detail.
  • How can I update my contact and profile information?
    Refer to the "Stay Informed" box on home page. You can log in and update your demographics.  If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it by submitting request.
  • What if I want to make an improvement to my house or yard?
    As described in Article 1 (for specific details refer to page 1 & 2 of Covenants), improvements such as building, fence, wall, pathway, driveway, patio, patio cover enclosure, deck, rock garden, swimming pool, dog house, pool house, flag pole, solar heating, or other external improvement, above or below the ground shall require preapproval to ensure conformance with Quail Hollow standards. Before any construction begins, provide a copy of plans and the construction form emailing to The HOA Board will review such plans and provide written notice of the approval or disapproval of proposed improvement.
  • Where can I store my trash, recycle and yard waste bins?
    Trash, recycling and yard waste containers need to be stored either in you garage or back yard.  If you have a fence or landscaping that blocks view, you can place on side of house.  Again, the covenant rule is they can not be viewable from the street.  Also, bins can be left at curb side for a 24 hour period relative to pick up day.  For more info, refer to Covenants.
  • Where do I mail HOA dues to? What is the mailing address for HOA?
    Quail Hollow Home Owners Association (QHHOA ) P.O. Box 390973 Omaha, NE. 68139
  • Who is our Neighborhood Watch coordinator?
    Tori Boldt.  She can be reached at  
  • Who should I report street light outages to?
    You can report issues with street lights to OPPD using this web page.  You will need the pole number and a description of problem.


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