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Fun Neighborhood Night Out
Posted on Aug 5th, 2021 Comments (0)
A special thanks to our neighbors, David & Lynn Wilson who graciously volunteered to do the catering for us. Also a big thank you to Mary Ann Macdonald who donated all the hot dogs. Thank you also to Reetika Gandhi, another neighbor who made the Samosas everyone enjoyed!
Neighborhood Night Out Event
Posted on Jul 16th, 2021 Comments (0)
Since we are able to get together again, there will be a NEIGHBORHOOD NIGHT OUT EVENT this year - Tuesday, August 3, from 6 pm till 9 pm!
LOCATION: 5609 South 164th Street (164th Street will be closed to thru traffic from T Street to W Street from 6 pm to 9 pm)
Food (to satisfy all tastes - samosas etc..) and beverages will be provided as well as a drawing for gift cards.
"Rudi Patudi" the clown will entertain the kids with balloons and face painting!
Bring your own chair and plan on coming out to meet your neighbors!
Above Ground Pools 2021
Posted on May 13th, 2021 Comments (0)
Last year, due to the Pandemic, and the fact that the City swimming pools did not open as scheduled, the HOA made an exception to allow above ground pools. The exception ran from May thru approximately September 6th. We checked with the Mayor's office and were told that the city pools will open on schedule this year, therefore we will NOT allow above ground pools this year. Sorry!
Garbage Delayed 1/24
Posted on Jan 24th, 2021 Comments (0)
Thanks for the weather forecast, city garbage is delayed one day.
HOA Board Election Results
Posted on Sep 10th, 2020 Comments (0)
Hello Quail Hollow neighbors,
This is a quick note about the August 9th Quail Hollow Homeowners Association Board election for one-year terms. The results are:
Neighborhood Update
Posted on Sep 8th, 2020 Comments (0)
Once again, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the City of Omaha has canceled the Neighborhood Night festivities causing the HOA to cancel their festivities as well.
This has indeed been a strange year in that we have been unable to schedule any of our normal activities (quarterly meetings, winter party, Easter Egg hunt, 4th of July parade, etc.) We have tentatively rescheduled our Winter Party for next February 18th at the Amazing Pizza Machine.
Since we have been unable to have our regular meetings, if anyone has issues/items that need to be addressed, please feel free to contact any of the board members.
Meeting minutes QHHOA
Posted on Oct 3rd, 2019 Comments (0)
Minutes from September 25, 2019
No meeting-only one homeowner in attendance.
Meeting minutes QHHOA
Posted on Jun 20th, 2019 Comments (0)
Meeting Minutes June 13, 2019
Meeting minutes QHHOA
Posted on Mar 19th, 2019 Comments (0)
March 12, 2019 QHHOA Meeting Minutes
7:00 pm St. Thomas Lutheran Church
Meeting called to order 7:00 pm.
Old Business
Motion carried to accept last meeting minutes.
Treasurer’s report and adoption of the proposed 2019 budget. 54 second notices were mailed for HOA dues.
Winter Party-The winter party was an epic success. Everyone had a great time!
Activities Committee-Volunteers are still needed for neighborhood activities. Josh Gulick volunteered to assist with the Winter Party. After the winter party will be the Easter Egg Hunt. Please contact the board if you are interested in assisting with any of these upcoming activities. 
Holiday Lighting Contest-winners were already notified and given their prizes. Voting next year will be done by a neighboring HOA since interest in neighbors voting for their favorites was lacking this year.
New Business
Bushes at round-a-bouts are creating vision obstructions. Bids will be sought in the spring/summer to trim back or tear out.
Tree trimming-The tree service did not get to us as planned late summer. Trimming of trees on parkways that remain low hanging in the spring will be tagged by the HOA. The Homeowner will be given time to trim the tree, if tree isn’t trimmed by the deadline (to be announced in the spring) the tree service will trim it.
Fence along “Q” street-LaVerne will walk the fenceline along Q Street with a fencing company to obtain quotes on repairs to damaged boards.
Egg Hunt-The Easter Egg Hunt will be held on April 13th at 1pm. Funds for more eggs may be needed. Funds may be appropriated from another line item if necessary. 
Neighborhood Cleanup-A cleanup of walking parks and common areas will be organized when the weather improves. 
Motion to adjourn carried.
***Many thanks to the Nelsons and Josh Gulick, otherwise we would have had no one in attendance! : (
December 4, 2018 meeting minutes
Posted on Dec 11th, 2018 Comments (0)

December 4, 2018 QHHOA Meeting Minutes

7:00 pm St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Meeting called to order 7:00 pm.

Old Business

Annexation-Quail Hollow was annexed in late August by the City of Omaha.

Tree trimming-The tree service did not get to us as planned late summer.  Resolution:  Trimming of trees on parkways that remain low hanging in the spring will be tagged by the HOA.  The Homeowner will be given time to trim the tree, if tree isn’t trimmed by the deadline (to be announced in the spring) the tree service will trim it and bill the Homeowner.


New Business

Treasurer’s report and adoption of the proposed 2019 budget.

Omaha Coalition of Citizen’s Patrol-Tom Pensadena visited to talk about Citizen’s Patrol within the City of Omaha.  We would need volunteers to make this a possibility.  Neighborhood watch currently struggles for volunteers on a minimal basis.  Resolution:  At this time volunteer levels would not be able to support an organized citizen patrol schedule.

Winter Party-The winter party is typically held in February.  Sempecks is out of business by Oakview Mall where we previously held the last two parties.  Resolution:  Josh Gulick was going to assist the board in price checking other venues.  Thanks Josh!

Activities Committee-Volunteers are still needed for neighborhood activities.  Josh Gulick volunteered to assist with the Winter Party.  After the winter party will be the Easter Egg Hunt.  Please contact the board if you are interested in assisting with any of these upcoming activities. 

Holiday Lighting Contest-Holiday Lighting voting is open until December 21, 2018.  Please send your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place choices to prior to December 21, 2018.  Prizes will be 1st place $50 2nd place $35 and 3rd place $15.  One vote for each place per residence.

Entrance Lighting-water damage to the electrical by the entrance monument caused a brief outage.  Problem is not rectified.

Bushes at round-a-bouts are creating vision obstructions.  Resolution:  Obtaining bids to tear out the bushes.

Other new business-Maintenance to common areas is now the responsibility of the City of Omaha.  Only time will tell if the City will actually do this or not.  To be continued….

Motion to adjourn carried.

September HOA Meeting Minutes
Posted on Sep 21st, 2018 Comments (0)

Quail Hollow HOA Meeting Minutes September 18, 2018 7:00pm St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm-all board members present (Benck, Boldt, Victor, Ingram).

Motion carried to accept last meeting minutes.

Treasurer’s report:  221 homes have paid 2018 dues.  1 remains outstanding but that home is for sale and the dues would be paid upon the closing once it is sold. 

Motion carried to accept treasurer’s report.

Old Business discussion: 

Neighborhood night out was a success.

Volunteers expressed interest in organizing the 2019 4th of July parade via social media.

Street repairs were completed by the SID prior to annexation.

Neighborhood garage sale was June 22 and 23rd.

New Business discussion:

Homeowner proposed to use HOA funds to help maintain the areas previously maintained by the SID so as to prevent the areas from becoming more unsightly.  Topic is under consideration and will be evaluated as needed.

Reminder to keep trash cans out of sight from the street per the covenants until Sunday into Monday for trash day on Monday (city trash and Premier).  Homeowner expressed concern that many homes who are utilizing city trash service are not using sturdy bags and they are making a mess with animals getting into the bags as well as leaking with odors.  Many reports of the small recycle bins without lids and trash blowing around.  Friendly reminder to all homeowners to please use cans or bags sturdy enough to handle the load of your trash to keep messes to a minimum.  Use good sense with a receptacle without a lid on a windy day.

Annexation into the city was official on 8/29/18.  Please call the city with any questions regarding annexation.

Discussion regarding flags for all homes provided by Scouts or other flag company to provide setup and removal of flags for holidays.  Various levels of service available.  Consensus was the expense to provide a flag for every home was too steep with more drawbacks than positives and at a $6,000 expense to the HOA some homeowners would possibly not want this service.  Discussion tabled for possibly using scouts to provide flag service to the front entrance median or monument area instead. 

Omaha Coalition of Citizens Patrol-Volunteers needed for this program grant funded by the City of Omaha for neighborhood watch.  Contact the HOA if interested.

The HOA is looking to form an Activities Committee of approximately 2-3 members to organize neighborhood events.  This committee would be responsible for the Egg Hunt, 4th of July Parade, and at least two other seasonal neighborhood functions per year.  Activities are funded by the HOA.  Members of this committee would be responsible for the logistical planning and setup of these event.  Please contact a board member for more information. 

Tree trimming for homes with low hanging branches onto the sidewalk from trees in the parkway will commence in October at the expense of the homeowner.  The tree service was booked until October, so please use this extra time to get the trees trimmed up if you haven’t already. 

Holiday Lighting Contest will commence again this year.  Stay tuned for voting instructions when the time comes!

No other new business.

Next meeting date will be December 4th

Motion to adjourn carried at 7:51 p.m.

Tree Trimming
Posted on Jul 19th, 2018 Comments (0)
Each homeowner is responsible for trees lining the sidewalk/street.  Please trim your trees up so that an adult may walk under the tree without striking their head.  If trees are not trimmed by August 15, 2018; Tillmers tree service will trim any trees hanging too low.  This only applies to trees on the parkway sidewalk or lining the street.  
June 2018 meeting minutes
Posted on Jun 8th, 2018 Comments (0)

Quail Hollow HOA Meeting Minutes

St. Thomas Lutheran Church June 5, 2018


Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Motion to approve last meeting minutes- second, motion approved.

Treasurer’s report

 211 lots have paid their annual dues.  Letters were sent to the remaining lots who have not paid to indicate a non-payment would result in interest accrued at 16% each month after June 15, 2018.

Old Business

Street sweeping was paid by the SID and completed at the end of April. 

The Easter Egg Hunt was a success.  Will continue the same format next year, volunteers will be needed when the time comes closer.

Winter Party at Sempeck’s-70 people in attendance.  Feedback was all positive.

New Business

Neighborhood Night Out is scheduled for August 7th.  Volunteers/ideas for activities needed.  Homeowner proposed party games for the kids in addition to a face painter.  If Homeowners have any outdoor games they would like to propose to have at the night out, please contact the HOA Board.  Cheryl Nelson is pricing Hy-Vee food for main dishes.  Potluck side dish was discussed.

Reminder-trash cans must be kept out of view from the street except for on trash day.

Homeowner concerns to the HOA about grass clippings being left in a mess on sidewalks and streets.  A friendly reminder to sweep or blow clippings to keep our neighborhood beautiful.

Neighborhood garage sale will be June 22nd and 23rd.  Details were on the flyer passed to every home.

Complaints from homeowners in attendance:

Monument light is broken.  (LaVerne is looking into this).  Weeds in the roundabouts (LaVerne talked to the service provider regarding this issue).

Lack of mowing or maintenance schedule in common areas as well as the plantings in common areas.  (This is an SID issue-two SID board members present and indicted the entire neighborhood will not be surveyed as to what kind of vegetation is planted nor will the neighborhood be consulted regarding maintenance of plantings.  Concerned homeowners would need to attend an SID meeting to have a voice on this topic.  The next SID meeting is June 21st at 5:30 p.m. at the Travel and Transport building on 2120 S. 72nd Street on the 12th floor).

Radon mitigation systems visible from the street are unsightly when left the white PVC material. (Proposed to suggest to those who have visible systems to paint them the same color as the home.  New home packets would be provided to title companies in addition to the covenants to new residents regarding the request for painting the systems the same color as the home.  This would not apply to those with internal systems, only those on the outside of the home.) 

Trees overhanging the sidewalk. (Proposed to hire Tillmer’s to trim trees on parkways.  LaVerne was checking on this.)

No other new business.

4th of July Parade

Due to a lack of a volunteer, there will be no parade this year.

Election of Officers

No new nominations received for President, Vice-President, or Secretary.  One new nomination for Treasurer-Craig Ingram (Dave Gentleman is stepping down).

Motion to vote for President LaVerne Benck, VP Tom Victor, Secretary Tori Boldt, and Treasurer Craig Ingram.  Second received from the floor, vote was unanimous in favor.  Election completed. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:51 p.m.

March 2018 minutes
Posted on Mar 14th, 2018 Comments (0)

Quail Hollow HOA Meeting Minutes March 13, 2018 7:00pm St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm-all board members present (Benck, Boldt, Victor, Gentleman).

Motion carried to accept last meeting minutes.

Treasurer’s report:  177 homes have paid 2018 dues.  45 remain outstanding.  Dues should be paid by every residence by January of the calendar year invoiced.  A second round of invoices will be sent to outstanding balances.  After non-payment, those properties will accrued interest per the covenants.

Motion carried to accept treasurer’s report.

Old Business discussion:  Holiday lighting contest winners, holiday lighting for the entrance (everyone present was pleased with this year’s display), and volunteers needed for citizen patrol.

Volunteers needed for evening hours during Millard Spring Break.  Contact for more information. 

Homeowner suggested an announcement to all residents to be cautious with packages on porches citing recent current events in Texas with explosives in packages.  If you are not expecting a package and find anything suspicious on your property, do not pick it up and call 911.

New Business discussion:  Street sweeping contracted through the SID will occur the 1st or 2nd week in April. 

Reminder to keep trash cans out of sight from the street per the covenants.

Polling residents regarding interest in a spring cleanup, neighborhood dumpster rental, and neighborhood garage sale.

Taking ideas/volunteers for summer activity:  Residents expressed interest in a neighborhood baseball game at Black Elk park, Organized fireworks display, Werner Park outing, traditional block parties.

Winter party is scheduled at Sempeck’s on March 20th.  RSVP window has closed.

Egg Hunt is scheduled for March 31st at 1:00 p.m.  Fingers crossed for nice weather!

Aluminum can drive occurs the second Saturday of every month for pack 549.  Reminder signage will be at the entrance to the neighborhood.  Please place aluminum cans in a bag at the curb for the Boy Scout pack to pick up.  This is a fundraising activity for these boys and teaches them commitment and responsibility.  Please contribute if you can.  Next pickup will be April 14, 2018.  Please have the cans out at the curb by 9am.     

There will be an HOA board election on 6/12/18.  Please submit nominations for consideration to the current board. 

Homeowner requested removal of the bush in the northern roundabout on 165th St.  The bush was cited as a vision obstruction and cited as unsafe.  LaVerne will look into the removal of aforementioned bush. 

Homeowner expressed concern with a broken signpost to the entrance to the walking park.  SID has arranged to have it repaired. 

Motion to adjourn carried at 7:58 p.m. 

SID Meeting
Posted on Jul 5th, 2017 Comments (0)
A meeting of the Board of Trustees of Sanitary Improvement District No. 437 of Douglas County, Nebraska, will be held at 5:30 p.m.  July 13, 2017 at 2120 South 72nd St. Suite 1200, which meeting will be open to the public.
June 2017 meeting minutes
Posted on Jun 16th, 2017 Comments (0)
HOA Meeting Minutes 6/13/17 1900 hours
St. Thomas Lutheran Church
Meeting called to order, board present:  Benck, Boldt, Victor, Gentleman
Motion to approve last meeting minutes, motion carried.
Motion to approved current treasurer’s report, motion carried.
204 out of 222 lots have paid this year’s dues.
Old business:
President Benck gave landscaping update-front median is to be planted in the coming weeks, roundabout maintenance is still handled by Royal Lawns.  SID is overseeing walking park areas.  In search of a new landscaping company, Royal has not been responsive to HOA board requests.  Any suggestions for a new company should be made to President Benck.
Street repairs were completed by the SID contractors as well as street sweeping.
New business:
Election results-flyers passed door to door for nominations for board members.  No nominations received.  Last call for any nominations for any board positions was made.  Unanimous vote of present membership to retain the current board was made.  Vote/motion carried and your board will continue to serve.
In order to avoid a dilapidated appearance, the visible fencing along Q Street will be maintained by the HOA.  Current condition does not require any repairs.  All other fencing, including fence repairs on the inside of Q Street facing south will be the homeowner’s responsibility, even if the fence existed prior to the homeowner taking possession.
Reminders from membership to trim trees along the sidewalks to prevent head injuries.
New Signage at the front entrance-new design will feature more durable materials with gold lettering and an image of a Quail. 
Upcoming Events:
4th of July parade-details TBA
August 1st neighborhood night out-details TBA (also looking for volunteers to organize)
2nd Saturday of Every month aluminum can drive (Boy Scouts)-leave your cans at the curb and they will pick them up.  Proceeds benefit Boy Scouts!
Motion to adjourn, motion carried. 
Meeting minutes
Posted on Feb 10th, 2017 Comments (0)
February 7, 2017 HOA Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present:  LaVerne Benck, Tom Victor, David Gentleman, Tori Boldt
Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m.
Last meeting minutes accepted, no questions regarding any old agenda items.
Treasurer’s report accepted, approximately 1/3 of the lots have paid their 2017 dues.
Citizen’s patrol-There have been zero volunteers for holiday patrol.  Tori and LaVerne are patrolling when able, however this is obviously not enough.  We are looking for volunteers to patrol during Millard Spring Break and Prom nights.  Please contact Tori Boldt if you are interested to help, all schedules are very flexible-contact or “Victoria Elizabeth” on Facebook.
Reminder to stay vigilant with open garage doors and lock the door leading to the house from the garage whenever possible.
The app “Next Door” is very useful to follow crime trends in our area and surrounding neighborhoods.
Speeding complaints on 165th and 163rd Ave are on the rise and speeders continue to be a problem, especially toward late night hours.  Please try to obtain vehicle make/model or license plate number and pass it along to Tori Boldt or notify Douglas County Sheriff’s Office on your own.  One vehicle many residents are seeing is a grey/blue mustang.  If you know who this vehicle belongs to, please let us know. 
Upcoming winter party at Alley V on February 23rd.  RSVP time has closed for this event.  We are still in need for volunteers to come up with ideas for neighborhood activities.  Once again, if you would like to head up or be part of this committee, contact any board member.
Resident reminder to please trim your trees that border the sidewalks.  Keep the canopy high enough for an adult to walk comfortably under your trees.  It was proposed that the HOA may obtain bids for trimming problem trees, this topic was tabled for the next meeting.
Paper notifications for meetings will no longer be passed to the 60 remaining homes who are not represented either on the website or facebook.  Meetings will be advertised via vinyl signage posted at four areas in the neighborhood to ensure those who are not online will receive the same meeting information. 
SID 437 meeting updates-SID street repairs are likely to occur this spring to fix the streets one last time before we are likely to be annexed by the city in the near future.  Street sweeping will occur also in the spring.  SID 437 meetings are also open to the public.  Their next meeting is 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 16, 2017 at 2120 S. 72nd St, Suite 1200, Omaha, NE - meeting is open to the public.  NOTE:  an agenda for such meeting, kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at the principal office of the Board at 2120 S. 72nd St, Suite 1200, Omaha, NE, and includes payment of bills of the District.
The next HOA meeting is May 9th at 7pm at St. Thomas Church 17007 Q Street.
There were no items brought to the attention of the Board during open season.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.    
November 2016 meeting minutes
Posted on Nov 2nd, 2016 Comments (0)
November 1, 2016 meeting minutes
May 2016 Meeting Minutes
Posted on May 25th, 2016 Comments (0)
HOA Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2016 1900 hours St. Thomas Lutheran Church
All board members present
Meeting called to order by President Benck at 1904 hours.
Motion to approve last meeting minutes from November 3, 2015 with a second-motion passed.
Treasurer report revealed 29 outstanding properties for dues and 3 are still delinquent from previous years.  President Benck discussed filing liens on those properties, as an HOA we are well within our rights to do so.  We are also still seeking a treasurer to replace Mike Reed.  Please let us know if you are interested!
Old business-Holiday lighting contest was a success, membership agreed.  Easter egg hunt was not held this year, SID will be discussing enhancing the front entrance due to burned out bulbs and dead trees will be replaced.  Bank service charges were part of the treasurer’s report.  Holiday citizen patrols were moderately successful, Tori Boldt is still missing her beacon from the Halloween Patrols.  Neighborhood garage sale was successful, no immediate plans for another one but will gauge interest next spring.
New Business-Trash pickup with Premier has been a success.  Reminder to all homeowners that trash cans are not to be stored anywhere that is within view from the street.  Reminder letters have been sent to violators.  With the summer season around the corner, a reminder that boats/RVS stored in driveways are in violation of the covenants. 
Fence maintenance along Q Street was discussed as a possibility, President Benck was going to check into quotes from fencing companies. 
Annexation is definitely possible by the city of Omaha this year. 
Tori Boldt will be planning the 4th of July Parade.  Member brought concerns about neighbors being more courteous this year with the lighting of fireworks.  Discussion was that although we are not yet part of the City Ordinance governing fireworks, police may be called to issue citations for disturbing the peace if the reporting party would like to be a victim.  Please remember to light your fireworks at a reasonable hour and be courteous to your neighbors. 
A discussion of an activities subcommittee was discussed to organize the neighborhood activities.  A Chairperson and several members requested for this committee. 
Other reminders included neighborhood cleanup will be the second Saturday of every month at 9 am by the walking parks.  Member requested a reminder to all to trim parkway trees up from the sidewalks so no one gets injured by low branches while walking.  Cheryl Nelson also proposed several ideas/price quotes she gathered for possible activities as a result of the last meeting.  Member requested the roundabout sign on 165th Street approaching the south roundabout be fixed/replaced.     
Next meeting will be held August 2nd at 1900 hours St. Thomas Lutheran Church. 
Motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 2015 hours. 
SID trash plan
Posted on Dec 15th, 2015 Comments (3)
SID trash collection plan for QH
November 2015 meeting minutes
Posted on Nov 5th, 2015 Comments (0)
November 3, 2015 7pm St. Thomas Lutheran Church
Member/Membership=Homeowners in attendance
Board=President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer
All board members present
Called to order at 7:04 pm
Motion to approve minutes from last meeting-approved
Update for the fence along Q Street-Fence is finished up to the monument and that completes the project.
Family Picnic discussion-no suggestions from the membership regarding the picnic.
Update for street repairs-Sod and other repairs made by contractor through the SID are signed off.
Treasurer’s Report
71% of the budget has been spent so far this year.
8 properties still with outstanding dues.
Member concerned over burned out bulbs at the entrance and landscaping.  Discussion.  Resolution- Board is changing landscaping companies and inquiring about the bulbs.
Member concerned with service charges from the bank to process dues checks.  Discussion.  Resolution- Treasurer inquiring with Wells Fargo about negotiating fees.
Member concerned with paying for meeting venue.  Discussion.  Resolution-Board inquiring with membership for ideas on a free venue.
Member question regarding neighborhood wide trash service provided by the SID.  Discussion.  Resolution-SID board is taking bids from 3 trash companies.
Member inquiry about fixing the 165th Street sign.  Resolution-SID will inquire to fix it.
Member request to post SID meeting schedule.  Resolution-SID meetings will be posted on facebook page and website.
Board proposal of Holiday lighting contest.  Discussion.  Resolution-Membership approved.  Board requesting volunteers to judge the lighting contest.
Board proposal of Children’s Christmas/Holiday Party.  Discussion.  Membership denied citing too many activities for children and not enough for adults.  Proposal was made to have an adult party by Cheryl Nelson.  Cheryl volunteered to find venue and cost information.  Suggestion made by membership to cease the Easter egg hunt or have a spring event instead of an Easter event.  Resolution-Tabled for another meeting.
Board proposal of entrance monument decorations for the Holidays.  Discussion.  Resolution-Member volunteered to find another quote to compare prices. 
Member cited concern over how the Board communicates late dues and suggested phone calls for those overdue.  Discussion.  Resolution-Board exploring supplemental ways to communicate late dues.
Member suggested polling the Homeowners for their preferences for contact/communication.  Options suggested Homeowner’s could choose between postal mail, email, website, facebook, etc.  Discussion.  Resolution-Board would not be able to keep up with all 205 properties and their preferences for communication.  For now, communication of events/dues will be website, flyers, facebook, and paper invoices for dues mailed to homeowner.  Efforts will be made to obtain an email address for every household in the upcoming year.
Member request for updated links to crime information on the website.  Resolution-Board will update website links to crime information.
Board requested suggestions for the 2016 budget.  No discussion among membership.
Board requested a volunteer for treasurer.  One member expressed interest.
Member requested the resurrection of Saturday cleanup for common areas.  Discussion.  Resolution-Board set Saturday cleanup for the second Saturday of every month starting at 9am.  Starting location would be 162nd Avenue and W. Street.  The first of these will commence on November 14th at 9am.
Board presented Neighborhood watch update.  Halloween patrol went well.  Board requesting volunteers on a more permanent basis for NHW and possibly some daytime patrol during the Holiday season when people will be receiving packages on their porches, etc.  Board will also purchase another amber beacon, “Citizen Patrol” magnetic signs for vehicles, and two way radios.  Other patrol dates will include Holiday breaks for the schools with a request for sign-ups to follow.    
Member requested reminder to all regarding tree trimming on the parkways.  Discussion.  Resolution- Each homeowner is responsible for the trees on their property and trimming the trees to an appropriate level so the sidewalks are not impeded by tree canopy overhang. 
Member requested reminder to all regarding the upcoming winter and making sure the fire hydrants are shoveled out by homeowners. 
Motion to adjourn.  Approved with a second. 
Adjourned 8:33pm 
July 14, 2015 Minutes
Posted on Jul 15th, 2015 Comments (2)

Quail Hollow HOA Minutes July 14, 2015
Meeting was called to order at 6:32 pm by President Benck
Introduction of new board members:  President-LaVerne Benck, Vice President-Peter Mayberry, Secretary-Tori Boldt and Treasurer remained from previous board-Mike Reed
No old business or minutes to introduce.
New Business:
Family Picnic
The family picnic will be held in the greenspace on the east side of 163 rd Avenue and W Street near the walking park on September 26, 2015.  The time is to be announced and we are in need of volunteers to coordinate the main dish for this event.  Please contact the board if you have suggestions or would like to help with this event.
Park Update and Plantings
Annexation is on the horizon for Quail Hollow in the next year or two.  Money from the SID was spent to beautify our neighborhood with various planting of trees and grasses.  Upon annexation, we would lose the money in the SID account so it was spent to buy the greenery.  There is also the possibility of using those funds to pay for neighborhood trash pickup.  Advantages to this would be that the homeowner would no longer have to pay for their own trash pickup and we would have one trash day and hauler for the entire neighborhood.  This is only a suggestion and homeowner’s will be updated on this issue. 
Street Repairs
Some of our streets are in need of repairs and they will be completed and paid through SID.
Fence along Q Street
A fence is being erected from 165th and Q to the private property just to the east.  It will be finished when construction in the neighborhood is complete.  Projected completion is August/September time frame.
Covenant Violations
Several homeowners received letters from the board regarding various covenant violations at the beginning of July.  Homeowners will be given 15 days to rectify the violation before the HOA attorneys are consulted on the next step.  Common violations were trailers or vehicles parked in driveways unmoved for extended periods, trash cans in the front of homes during times other than pickup days, and failure to complete architectural improvement forms for construction improvements.  The only goal here is to keep our neighborhood looking nice and it takes some effort from all of the homeowners to make that possible.
Neighborhood Watch
We are looking for a few good men and women to be an extra set of eyes and ears on a select few days out of the year.  Please email or contact Tori Boldt if interested.
Website and Facebook
Items of interest will be dual posted on the website and the Facebook page “Quail Hollow Homeowner’s Association-Omaha, NE.”  Please talk to your neighbors encourage them to sign up on one or the other to keep informed.  There’s also the application on smartphones called “Nextdoor,” which is designed to keep people informed of what is going on around them. 
Vault Security
Vault Security was soliciting in the neighborhood for security systems.  If anyone is interested in more information see  The HOA is not endorsing this company, just making mention of the information that was provided to us.
Construction Approval Forms
These forms are located on the website as well as available from any board member.  These must be completed for any construction improvements done to your homes.  Landscaping does not require this if it is just greenery and flowers, etc.  If you plan to build a deck, pergola, covered deck, sun room, etc. you must have these items submitted to the board for approval before construction can begin.
Although we do not fall under Omaha City Ordinance for fireworks, anyone lighting fireworks that is disturbing another resident’s peace could be cited under NE state statute 28-1322; if the individual disturbed calls law enforcement and wishes to be a victim under this statute.  If you do have leftover fireworks and wish to light them, be mindful of this. 
Tree Fertilization
The HOA covers fees associated with fertilizing trees along the parkways and utilizes a contracted company to complete this as needed.
Meetings will be held quarterly on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm at St. Thomas Lutheran Church 17007 Q Street.  Dates and agendas will be posted on the website, facebook, and flyers distributed to each home. 
Treasurer report
Money budgeted for family movie night if there is an interest.
Open season
Resident brought forth concerns regarding speeding on “R” Street.  Other residents expressed concerns in other areas as well.  Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will be contacted for some special enforcement in those areas and possibility of speed bumps was discussed. 
Resident inquired about an interest in a neighborhood garage sale.  Those interested can contact the board or post to facebook/website. 
Motion to adjourn by Secretary and seconded by Treasurer at 8:32 pm
Big news! Quail Hollow is now on Facebook!
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Find updated information on Facebook!  We are now dual posting on this site as well as Facebook.  This is a "secret group" with information relevant to Quail Hollow.  Check it out!
Quail Hollow Board Position Update
Posted on Jun 14th, 2015

Quail Hollow Residents,
The results are in for the new HOA board members.  The new members are:
- President: LaVerne Benck
- Vice President: Peter Mayberry
- Secretary: Tori Boldt
QH Board
HOA Board Members Positions Available
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Quail Hollow Residents,
It is/has been the Boards due diligences to comply with the Covenants set by the Developer (Regency) here at Quail Hollow.  The Board has continued its efforts to maintain, fix, beautify, improve, and in some cases enforce the Covenants.  With that said, the Board also has a responsibility to either maintain a HOA Board with elected Quail Hollow Residents, or release this responsibility to a Home Owners Management Group.  If Quail Hollow CAN NOT fill the current Board Positions, it will be forced to release responsibility to a third party.  
Board Positions Available:
  • President-OPEN
  • Vice President-OPEN
  • Secretary-OPEN
  • Treasure-Mike Reed-Re-elect in 2016
All (3) positions available were due to Residents relocating, which does not allow them to be a QH Board Member.
  • The HOA will dissolve if NO Board Members-Incorrect
  • The HOA will dissolve if Annexed by Omaha Proper-Incorrect
  • A Board Member position would take “too much” of my time-Incorrect (On Average 1 hour a month)
  • A Residential Board will have a direct/immediate impact on Quail Hollow
  • A Third Party Management Group will increase Annual Dues from $75 to $200(+), with stricter guidelines and “zero tolerance” attitudes.
  • Being a Board Member is rewarding and allows direct impact of the decision making of Quail Hollow.
It has been with great pleasure and responsibility to serve on the Quail Hollow Board and anticipate that the Board positions will be filled.  If you are interested in being a QH Board Member, please contact us via
QH Board


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