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HOA Board Members Positions Available
Posted on Jan 4th, 2015

Quail Hollow Residents,
It is/has been the Boards due diligences to comply with the Covenants set by the Developer (Regency) here at Quail Hollow.  The Board has continued its efforts to maintain, fix, beautify, improve, and in some cases enforce the Covenants.  With that said, the Board also has a responsibility to either maintain a HOA Board with elected Quail Hollow Residents, or release this responsibility to a Home Owners Management Group.  If Quail Hollow CAN NOT fill the current Board Positions, it will be forced to release responsibility to a third party.  
Board Positions Available:
  • President-OPEN
  • Vice President-OPEN
  • Secretary-OPEN
  • Treasure-Mike Reed-Re-elect in 2016
All (3) positions available were due to Residents relocating, which does not allow them to be a QH Board Member.
  • The HOA will dissolve if NO Board Members-Incorrect
  • The HOA will dissolve if Annexed by Omaha Proper-Incorrect
  • A Board Member position would take “too much” of my time-Incorrect (On Average 1 hour a month)
  • A Residential Board will have a direct/immediate impact on Quail Hollow
  • A Third Party Management Group will increase Annual Dues from $75 to $200(+), with stricter guidelines and “zero tolerance” attitudes.
  • Being a Board Member is rewarding and allows direct impact of the decision making of Quail Hollow.
It has been with great pleasure and responsibility to serve on the Quail Hollow Board and anticipate that the Board positions will be filled.  If you are interested in being a QH Board Member, please contact us via
QH Board
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