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July 14, 2015 Minutes
Posted on Jul 15th, 2015

Quail Hollow HOA Minutes July 14, 2015
Meeting was called to order at 6:32 pm by President Benck
Introduction of new board members:  President-LaVerne Benck, Vice President-Peter Mayberry, Secretary-Tori Boldt and Treasurer remained from previous board-Mike Reed
No old business or minutes to introduce.
New Business:
Family Picnic
The family picnic will be held in the greenspace on the east side of 163 rd Avenue and W Street near the walking park on September 26, 2015.  The time is to be announced and we are in need of volunteers to coordinate the main dish for this event.  Please contact the board if you have suggestions or would like to help with this event.
Park Update and Plantings
Annexation is on the horizon for Quail Hollow in the next year or two.  Money from the SID was spent to beautify our neighborhood with various planting of trees and grasses.  Upon annexation, we would lose the money in the SID account so it was spent to buy the greenery.  There is also the possibility of using those funds to pay for neighborhood trash pickup.  Advantages to this would be that the homeowner would no longer have to pay for their own trash pickup and we would have one trash day and hauler for the entire neighborhood.  This is only a suggestion and homeowner’s will be updated on this issue. 
Street Repairs
Some of our streets are in need of repairs and they will be completed and paid through SID.
Fence along Q Street
A fence is being erected from 165th and Q to the private property just to the east.  It will be finished when construction in the neighborhood is complete.  Projected completion is August/September time frame.
Covenant Violations
Several homeowners received letters from the board regarding various covenant violations at the beginning of July.  Homeowners will be given 15 days to rectify the violation before the HOA attorneys are consulted on the next step.  Common violations were trailers or vehicles parked in driveways unmoved for extended periods, trash cans in the front of homes during times other than pickup days, and failure to complete architectural improvement forms for construction improvements.  The only goal here is to keep our neighborhood looking nice and it takes some effort from all of the homeowners to make that possible.
Neighborhood Watch
We are looking for a few good men and women to be an extra set of eyes and ears on a select few days out of the year.  Please email or contact Tori Boldt if interested.
Website and Facebook
Items of interest will be dual posted on the website and the Facebook page “Quail Hollow Homeowner’s Association-Omaha, NE.”  Please talk to your neighbors encourage them to sign up on one or the other to keep informed.  There’s also the application on smartphones called “Nextdoor,” which is designed to keep people informed of what is going on around them. 
Vault Security
Vault Security was soliciting in the neighborhood for security systems.  If anyone is interested in more information see  The HOA is not endorsing this company, just making mention of the information that was provided to us.
Construction Approval Forms
These forms are located on the website as well as available from any board member.  These must be completed for any construction improvements done to your homes.  Landscaping does not require this if it is just greenery and flowers, etc.  If you plan to build a deck, pergola, covered deck, sun room, etc. you must have these items submitted to the board for approval before construction can begin.
Although we do not fall under Omaha City Ordinance for fireworks, anyone lighting fireworks that is disturbing another resident’s peace could be cited under NE state statute 28-1322; if the individual disturbed calls law enforcement and wishes to be a victim under this statute.  If you do have leftover fireworks and wish to light them, be mindful of this. 
Tree Fertilization
The HOA covers fees associated with fertilizing trees along the parkways and utilizes a contracted company to complete this as needed.
Meetings will be held quarterly on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm at St. Thomas Lutheran Church 17007 Q Street.  Dates and agendas will be posted on the website, facebook, and flyers distributed to each home. 
Treasurer report
Money budgeted for family movie night if there is an interest.
Open season
Resident brought forth concerns regarding speeding on “R” Street.  Other residents expressed concerns in other areas as well.  Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will be contacted for some special enforcement in those areas and possibility of speed bumps was discussed. 
Resident inquired about an interest in a neighborhood garage sale.  Those interested can contact the board or post to facebook/website. 
Motion to adjourn by Secretary and seconded by Treasurer at 8:32 pm
Comment By: Rod Nelson
Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Greenspace for picnic is 163rd Ave & W Street. The walking park green is there.

Comment By: Tori Boldt
Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Thanks for the correction, location in the body of the minutes was also corrected to reflect an accurate location. Flyers for info will be forthcoming as we come closer to the event!


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