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November 2015 meeting minutes
Posted on Nov 5th, 2015

November 3, 2015 7pm St. Thomas Lutheran Church
Member/Membership=Homeowners in attendance
Board=President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer
All board members present
Called to order at 7:04 pm
Motion to approve minutes from last meeting-approved
Update for the fence along Q Street-Fence is finished up to the monument and that completes the project.
Family Picnic discussion-no suggestions from the membership regarding the picnic.
Update for street repairs-Sod and other repairs made by contractor through the SID are signed off.
Treasurer’s Report
71% of the budget has been spent so far this year.
8 properties still with outstanding dues.
Member concerned over burned out bulbs at the entrance and landscaping.  Discussion.  Resolution- Board is changing landscaping companies and inquiring about the bulbs.
Member concerned with service charges from the bank to process dues checks.  Discussion.  Resolution- Treasurer inquiring with Wells Fargo about negotiating fees.
Member concerned with paying for meeting venue.  Discussion.  Resolution-Board inquiring with membership for ideas on a free venue.
Member question regarding neighborhood wide trash service provided by the SID.  Discussion.  Resolution-SID board is taking bids from 3 trash companies.
Member inquiry about fixing the 165th Street sign.  Resolution-SID will inquire to fix it.
Member request to post SID meeting schedule.  Resolution-SID meetings will be posted on facebook page and website.
Board proposal of Holiday lighting contest.  Discussion.  Resolution-Membership approved.  Board requesting volunteers to judge the lighting contest.
Board proposal of Children’s Christmas/Holiday Party.  Discussion.  Membership denied citing too many activities for children and not enough for adults.  Proposal was made to have an adult party by Cheryl Nelson.  Cheryl volunteered to find venue and cost information.  Suggestion made by membership to cease the Easter egg hunt or have a spring event instead of an Easter event.  Resolution-Tabled for another meeting.
Board proposal of entrance monument decorations for the Holidays.  Discussion.  Resolution-Member volunteered to find another quote to compare prices. 
Member cited concern over how the Board communicates late dues and suggested phone calls for those overdue.  Discussion.  Resolution-Board exploring supplemental ways to communicate late dues.
Member suggested polling the Homeowners for their preferences for contact/communication.  Options suggested Homeowner’s could choose between postal mail, email, website, facebook, etc.  Discussion.  Resolution-Board would not be able to keep up with all 205 properties and their preferences for communication.  For now, communication of events/dues will be website, flyers, facebook, and paper invoices for dues mailed to homeowner.  Efforts will be made to obtain an email address for every household in the upcoming year.
Member request for updated links to crime information on the website.  Resolution-Board will update website links to crime information.
Board requested suggestions for the 2016 budget.  No discussion among membership.
Board requested a volunteer for treasurer.  One member expressed interest.
Member requested the resurrection of Saturday cleanup for common areas.  Discussion.  Resolution-Board set Saturday cleanup for the second Saturday of every month starting at 9am.  Starting location would be 162nd Avenue and W. Street.  The first of these will commence on November 14th at 9am.
Board presented Neighborhood watch update.  Halloween patrol went well.  Board requesting volunteers on a more permanent basis for NHW and possibly some daytime patrol during the Holiday season when people will be receiving packages on their porches, etc.  Board will also purchase another amber beacon, “Citizen Patrol” magnetic signs for vehicles, and two way radios.  Other patrol dates will include Holiday breaks for the schools with a request for sign-ups to follow.    
Member requested reminder to all regarding tree trimming on the parkways.  Discussion.  Resolution- Each homeowner is responsible for the trees on their property and trimming the trees to an appropriate level so the sidewalks are not impeded by tree canopy overhang. 
Member requested reminder to all regarding the upcoming winter and making sure the fire hydrants are shoveled out by homeowners. 
Motion to adjourn.  Approved with a second. 
Adjourned 8:33pm 
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