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May 2016 Meeting Minutes
Posted on May 25th, 2016

HOA Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2016 1900 hours St. Thomas Lutheran Church
All board members present
Meeting called to order by President Benck at 1904 hours.
Motion to approve last meeting minutes from November 3, 2015 with a second-motion passed.
Treasurer report revealed 29 outstanding properties for dues and 3 are still delinquent from previous years.  President Benck discussed filing liens on those properties, as an HOA we are well within our rights to do so.  We are also still seeking a treasurer to replace Mike Reed.  Please let us know if you are interested!
Old business-Holiday lighting contest was a success, membership agreed.  Easter egg hunt was not held this year, SID will be discussing enhancing the front entrance due to burned out bulbs and dead trees will be replaced.  Bank service charges were part of the treasurer’s report.  Holiday citizen patrols were moderately successful, Tori Boldt is still missing her beacon from the Halloween Patrols.  Neighborhood garage sale was successful, no immediate plans for another one but will gauge interest next spring.
New Business-Trash pickup with Premier has been a success.  Reminder to all homeowners that trash cans are not to be stored anywhere that is within view from the street.  Reminder letters have been sent to violators.  With the summer season around the corner, a reminder that boats/RVS stored in driveways are in violation of the covenants. 
Fence maintenance along Q Street was discussed as a possibility, President Benck was going to check into quotes from fencing companies. 
Annexation is definitely possible by the city of Omaha this year. 
Tori Boldt will be planning the 4th of July Parade.  Member brought concerns about neighbors being more courteous this year with the lighting of fireworks.  Discussion was that although we are not yet part of the City Ordinance governing fireworks, police may be called to issue citations for disturbing the peace if the reporting party would like to be a victim.  Please remember to light your fireworks at a reasonable hour and be courteous to your neighbors. 
A discussion of an activities subcommittee was discussed to organize the neighborhood activities.  A Chairperson and several members requested for this committee. 
Other reminders included neighborhood cleanup will be the second Saturday of every month at 9 am by the walking parks.  Member requested a reminder to all to trim parkway trees up from the sidewalks so no one gets injured by low branches while walking.  Cheryl Nelson also proposed several ideas/price quotes she gathered for possible activities as a result of the last meeting.  Member requested the roundabout sign on 165th Street approaching the south roundabout be fixed/replaced.     
Next meeting will be held August 2nd at 1900 hours St. Thomas Lutheran Church. 
Motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 2015 hours. 
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