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November 2016 meeting minutes
Posted on Nov 2nd, 2016

Quail Hollow HOA general membership meeting 11/1/16
Meeting was called to order by President Benck at 7:05 pm.
Last meeting minutes were presented and motion carried for approval of the minutes-no questions from the membership.
Tom Victor was introduced as the Vice President and Dave Gentleman was introduced as the treasurer.
Treasurer report was presented and motion carried for approval of treasurer’s report.  Discussion:  
Pacesetter will not be donating $200.00 to the annual picnic every year, as they are now out of the neighborhood.   
$1500.00 was not spent for the annual picnic due to rainout.
Notices were sent to past due properties for annual membership fees.  Some homeowners owe $150.00 for two years of past dues.  Liens will be placed on properties for non-payment after final notices.
Question from membership about high balance in the bank and the possibility of reducing annual dues.  Decision was made to keep dues amounts at $75.00 to help keep a reserve in the event of litigation actions needed to enforce covenant violations, etc. 
Old Business discussion:
We will no longer pay service charges for the accounts the HOA has with Wells Fargo. 
We will continue with a Holiday Citizens Patrol to include daytime hours for packages being delivered to homes for the holidays.  Sign up information will be forthcoming by Tori Boldt. 
New Business Discussion:
With the lack of the annual picnic it was discussed to have a winter get-together instead.  One possibility was a family friendly function at Alley V by Oakview Mall.  Cheryl and Rod Nelson graciously volunteered to research that option and report back to the board by thanksgiving.  Motion was made to accept the Nelson’s recommendation after their research and motion was carried.  Further information will be forthcoming. 
The Holiday Lighting contest will make a return this year.  Prizes will be $50.00 for first place, $35 for second place, and $15 for third place. 
Holiday lighting at the front monument was discussed.  Motion was made to spend $3,000 or less to add on to the Monument lighting at the entrance.  Motion carried and President Benck will coordinate. 
Motion made to repair the missing piece on the monument sign.  President Benck will look into this.
Discussion regarding roundabout landscaping and possible attempts to increase visibility.  President Benck will look into this.  Reminder to all that traffic in the roundabout has the right of way.  All vehicles waiting to enter the roundabouts must yield to the traffic already in the roundabout.  Please stay vigilant in these areas for other vehicles and pedestrians. 
The HOA would eventually like to have all households represented in some fashion online to receive information.  Meeting and event notices will be disseminated online to the homes who have emails registered with the website and to those on facebook.  Flyers will only be passed to homes who do not have any representation online.  This saves time to pass flyers as well as materials to print. 
Motion to adjourn-carried.
Meeting adjourned 8:13 pm. 
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