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September HOA Meeting Minutes
Posted on Sep 21st, 2018

Quail Hollow HOA Meeting Minutes September 18, 2018 7:00pm St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm-all board members present (Benck, Boldt, Victor, Ingram).

Motion carried to accept last meeting minutes.

Treasurer’s report:  221 homes have paid 2018 dues.  1 remains outstanding but that home is for sale and the dues would be paid upon the closing once it is sold. 

Motion carried to accept treasurer’s report.

Old Business discussion: 

Neighborhood night out was a success.

Volunteers expressed interest in organizing the 2019 4th of July parade via social media.

Street repairs were completed by the SID prior to annexation.

Neighborhood garage sale was June 22 and 23rd.

New Business discussion:

Homeowner proposed to use HOA funds to help maintain the areas previously maintained by the SID so as to prevent the areas from becoming more unsightly.  Topic is under consideration and will be evaluated as needed.

Reminder to keep trash cans out of sight from the street per the covenants until Sunday into Monday for trash day on Monday (city trash and Premier).  Homeowner expressed concern that many homes who are utilizing city trash service are not using sturdy bags and they are making a mess with animals getting into the bags as well as leaking with odors.  Many reports of the small recycle bins without lids and trash blowing around.  Friendly reminder to all homeowners to please use cans or bags sturdy enough to handle the load of your trash to keep messes to a minimum.  Use good sense with a receptacle without a lid on a windy day.

Annexation into the city was official on 8/29/18.  Please call the city with any questions regarding annexation.

Discussion regarding flags for all homes provided by Scouts or other flag company to provide setup and removal of flags for holidays.  Various levels of service available.  Consensus was the expense to provide a flag for every home was too steep with more drawbacks than positives and at a $6,000 expense to the HOA some homeowners would possibly not want this service.  Discussion tabled for possibly using scouts to provide flag service to the front entrance median or monument area instead. 

Omaha Coalition of Citizens Patrol-Volunteers needed for this program grant funded by the City of Omaha for neighborhood watch.  Contact the HOA if interested.

The HOA is looking to form an Activities Committee of approximately 2-3 members to organize neighborhood events.  This committee would be responsible for the Egg Hunt, 4th of July Parade, and at least two other seasonal neighborhood functions per year.  Activities are funded by the HOA.  Members of this committee would be responsible for the logistical planning and setup of these event.  Please contact a board member for more information. 

Tree trimming for homes with low hanging branches onto the sidewalk from trees in the parkway will commence in October at the expense of the homeowner.  The tree service was booked until October, so please use this extra time to get the trees trimmed up if you haven’t already. 

Holiday Lighting Contest will commence again this year.  Stay tuned for voting instructions when the time comes!

No other new business.

Next meeting date will be December 4th

Motion to adjourn carried at 7:51 p.m.

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