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Meeting minutes QHHOA
Posted on Jun 20th, 2019

June 13, 2019 QHHOA Meeting Minutes
7:00 pm St. Thomas Lutheran Church
Meeting called to order 7:00 pm.
Old Business
Motion carried to accept last meeting minutes.
Treasurer’s report- motion carried to accept the treasurer’s report.
Egg Hunt  
Neighborhood clean-up
New Business
4th of July Parade- Kera Therian, Laura Blumenthal, and Laurin Gilbreath have offered to assist Tori Boldt with the parade.  Parade time will be 10:00 am on July 4th.  Route information will be forthcoming.  
Tree trimming-Trimming of trees on parkways that remain low hanging at this point will be trimmed by a tree service in the near future.  Only the low hanging branches will be trimmed to an acceptable height over sidewalks within the parkways and sidewalk to minimize homeowner liability.  
Fence along “Q” street-LaVerne walked fence line-little repair is needed.
Neighborhood night out- This will be scheduled for the evening of August 6, 2019.  More information will be forthcoming in the future. 
Roundabout view obstructions- Landscape was trimmed back on the 165th Street roundabouts, however vision obstruction still exists.  Bushes will be torn out completely.
Covenants-Discussion -Reminder with the upcoming storm season that replacement shingles must be weathered wood in color and trash cans must be stored out of view from the street.  
Request for speed bumps-Research indicates that there must be a traffic volume of over 1,000 vehicles per day in the area of question in order to consider speed bumps.  There may also be a requirement of 1,000 feet of unobstructed roadway in order to consider placement of speed bumps.  Since roundabouts are deemed “traffic calming devices” and there’s likely not 1,000 feet between them-the ability to install on 165th may not be possible.  It was decided in order to increase our chances of being considered by the city, we will request the traffic study for after school starts to boost the number of vehicles travelling through the area in our favor.
Concern by homeowner-New business brought forth by a concerned homeowner regarding poison ivy and other poisonous vegetation in the walking park areas.  Member made a motion to have these plants removed for the safety of patrons using those areas.  Motion carried.  
Election of officers-The HOA board did not receive any additional nominations for board positions.  Motion carried with unanimous votes of the membership to elect LaVerne Benck-President, Tom Victor-Vice President, Tori Boldt-Secretary, Craig Ingram-Treasurer.       
Motion to adjourn carried.
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