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Neighborhood Vandalism
Posted on Jun 29th, 2011

It’s been brought to my attention of an ongoing vandalism and mischief at one of our own residents on 165th. I would like to make all QH Residents aware of the situation, along with "keeping an eye out" for your fellow neighbors be more safe. Law Enforcement has advised us to be vigilant in our Neighborhood Watch Program in efforts of catching or detouring criminals. See below, QH Resident comments:
The first year I was here, I decorated my front yard for Halloween, only to come home from work one day and find half of the yard ornaments missing/destroyed. That same year, I decorated my front yard for Christmas; my Christmas lights were cut on 3 separate occasions (all within a 5 week period). I called the police but they said they couldn't do anything unless I had witnesses. Last summer, two teenage boys were in my garage trying to get into my house during the middle of the day. I chased them & called the police; again, nothing was done because they only "attempted" to break in. Last Christmas, someone stole some of my Christmas lights out of my front yard. Earlier this spring, my basement alarm sounded in the middle of the night, the police came but found nothing. A couple days after that, my neighbor told me that he found a crow bar in the side yard between our houses (the same side where my home alarm went off). Lastly, the Saturday before last, someone had stolen some very expensive yard ornaments out of my front yard; I found part of them a couple houses down smashed in a neighbor’s driveway. That is the 8 times I have experienced crime so far (and counting).
Have a Safe Summer!
QH HOA Board
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